If a picture paints a thousand words, Then why can’t I paint you?

Aren’t digital cameras brilliant? I really do wish that I’d had one earlier in my life as there are so many events in my life that I wish I had more memories of. I wouldn’t say I have a bad memory it’s just that if I think certain information is irrelevant then I will dispose of it and will be pretty hard done by to recollect it.

Of course there are also the memories that I want to remember but after a while certain facts, faces, and info will start to fade away until I’m sure I’ll forget completely. I know pictures don’t tell the whole story but they certainly help cue up those memories and give you a nudge in the right direction.

It used to be that I wouldn’t take many photos, or would have to ration them because the film and the actual developing was expensive, and so I don’t have that many photos from my younger years. It also seemed the way that guys didn’t really take photos although girls usually did. I’m not sure why, but it’s probably got something to do with handbags!

It wasn’t until I was at University, maybe as late at 2001 that I actually handled a digital camera (a kodak I think), and it belonged to the Students’ Union. I took some photos but didn’t realise it’s potential until I started web design, and in this case building the Union’s first ever website. I would go and take pictures at events and then upload them to the site the same evening, and this would bring many visitors to the site, all eager to see their faces online.

That website is now long gone as when I left there I wasn’t able to continue the site, and there was no one there who was able to commit to the site, or indeed have the knowledge, and so I referred them onto another company who could help them out for free. I realised last night that I still had quite a few of the photos on my PC, and it was about time that they got uploaded onto my Flickr.

Most of them are from the Wednesday Sports Fed Nights [Wednesdays in the UK are typically when the University Sports teams play their fixtures] although there are a few others in there.

I’m sure I’ve got some more photos on an old hard-drive somewhere and will have to check.

My flickr sets are in chronological order to if you want to see these photos then scroll to the bottom.

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Gotta tell you what I heard from agent orange

A while back I told you about changing over to Pay as you go on my Oranage mobile phone and told you how it was going to save money, well an update for that time, 3 months exactly, is that I’ve topped up by around £40 [with £8 still on my phone]. It means that I’ve been spending just over £10 per month instead of the previous £40 a month when I was on contract. In the whole scheme of things £30 a month isn’t a lot but I am seeing the difference and feel much better now that there are less Direct Debits coming from my account.

On a related note, when I switched over I was about 2 days into a rental month but still got charged full whack. I thought this wasn’t right and when I got my final bill through it looked like I was actually in credit and they’d reimbursed me £28.40 onto my orange contract. Obviously though I no longer had the monthly contract so couldn’t access it! No where on the bill did it explain this and I ony realised that the sum was credit when I compared it to other bills.

I’ve been trying to ring them up for a while but have never been able to get path the labyrinthine telephone system they operate, which is like cracking code, deciding which button to press to go through to an actual human. I finally got through today, although I was peaved that I couldn’t call Customer Services from my office phone as they’d only accept a call from my mobile, which cost me 25p! After a series of being put on hold [around 15 minutes in total] it’s been sorted and will be going into my bank account in 7-10 days.

They said it should automatically go back into my account when I changed the contract but obviously it didn’t, and it’s got me wondering if this happens a lot, and there are people who just forget to claim this back. Sneaky Sneaky.

This reminds me of something that happened the other month, using betting site Mansion.com. They are the news sponsor of Tottenham Hotspur FC and so were running an offer on Spurs first game of the season. If you bet on Spurs to win, and they didn’t, Mansion would refund your stake upto £100. Basically it was a no lose situation as you could either make £80 profit or just just your money back. Me anda group of friends all read the small print etc and signed up and placed our bets. To sign up all we had to do was put in your details, address, and card details, and then you could bet as much as you liked from your switch/credit card.

Now Spurs lost and it took around 3 days for the money to be debited back into our Mansion accounts. The nwe wanted to withdraw that back into our bank accounts, and this is where the snag was. As a security deterrent, and in order to withdraw cash you had to send them photographic ID and a copy of your card!! Can you believe it? So it was okay for me to use a bank card quite freely to put money onto my account, but as soon as I wanted to get it back they wanted to see ID!! Luckily I was able to scan my passport and email it to them, and after about 5 days I got my money back, but it still peaved me off.

I’m sure they did this to put people off withdrawing money from their gambling accounts, as if it had been a small amount of money I would’ve probably just gambled it away as I couldn’t be bothered with the hassle. Also my money sat in their account making them interest whilst they dillydallied around, so it’s in their best interest to slow the whole process down.

It annoyed me and I will not be using them again, but it is people being lazy that allows companies to act this way. There are loopholes for companies to use, such as with Orange not telling me I had money in my account, or Mansion making it hard for me to get my money back, but there are also loopholes for us to use, and so that is why I take up these free offers, hound them when they owe me, and constantly switch my credit cards over to interest free accounts, and try and find ways to save money. In my own way I’m sticking it to the man!

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Right round like a record, baby

SwissToni has been running a Shuffleathon over at his place, which I’m sure you all know about, which involved making a CD containing 12 of your favourite tracks and then sending it out to another participant randomly drawn out of ST’s metaphorical hat. In was sent an email informing me that I was to send my CD out to Tina from Your mind and we, and you can see her review of it here. The idea was to create your CD before you knew who was going to get it, and thus it would be completely uninfluenced, meaning it would be your own favourites on the CD. It was very hard to limit myself to 12 songs, and many other favourites had to be chopped off, but I wanted to capture the… the sights, the sounds… the smells of a hard-working rock band, on the road. And I got that; I got more… a lot more. But hey, enough of my yakkin’; whaddaya say? Let’s boogie!


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Great Balls of Fire

Yesterday at 5pm I watched a England play poorly against Triniday & Tobago, but at least we got the right result in the end. We’ll leave it at that except to say that we definitely played better once the substitutions were made.

Then at 8pm it was off to the pub to say ‘Happy Birthday’ to Mel, and then at 9.20pm I left to go to Folkestone to see my friends band Ticklin The Pickle. I was in two minds as whether to go, as it was already quite late, and could either stay in Ramsgate, or drive the 35 minutes to Folkestone, see the guys, and then drive back at midnight. In the end I really couldn’t stand the pub as it was hot, busy, and full of the same-old-same-old, and thought I’d rather enjoy a nice drive by myself and seeing a few old friends. I really enjoyed the drive and I can’t believe I’m going to say this but at 9:30pm I drove through Dover and the harbour looked fantastic. I guess it was due to the liminal lighting and also the fact that it was very quiet. Getting to Folkestone was easy but I forgot the way to get to the venue, got stuck on the ring road and had to park at the bottom of the High Street, 5 minutes away from Chambers. I got there just in time for their first set break and caught up with them and had a chat with Tim [who plays the Hammond organ]. I’ve been getting some T-shirts for the band printed, and have spent quite a bit of time on that, designing other merchandise, and also the website [which really does need an overhaul over summer], and as a thankyou Tim gave me £60…. Kiss my face!

TTP played really well and the crowd loved it, and so at around midnight when they’d finished I made my way back home to little Ramsgate.

Today I have a very busy day due to the Summer Ball, and I also have Steve’s party in Lewisham tomorrow, so I won’t be posting till Sunday at the earliest.

Laters all.

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What is game? Who got game ?

As mentioned here, it was the annual Rugby Sevens charity tournament at the Thanet Wanderers ground on Good Friday.

Quite a few of the teams wear fancy dress for the event and so I’d spent the Thursday finishing off the American football tops that the team were going to wear [T-shirts from Matalan and T-shirt transfers from Tesco], bought the beers and some snacks, and so on the Friday morning everything was ready……almost. I still needed some tight leggings to finish off the outfit. Ian and myself went up to TK Maxx and bought some fetching ladies leggings that were lovely and tight. Excellent.


[someone stuck some socks down the front of their pants…… ummm]

On the day we had quite a few drop out due to injuries or other commitments and so we were down to bare bones and lost our first game 42-0 but weren’t too despondent as last year we’d won our first game 45-0 and our opponents this game were all very BIG players. It did hurt, although I was quite happy to get a few tackles in.

A couple of other players turned up for the second game and we lost that one 10-5. Dammit! We didn’t really mind losing as the actual playing is only a small part of the day and there was lots of it left. The girls had arrived with a picnic, and we had plenty of beers, and so the future looked bright.

129437129_32e27959b0-6410527 Sadly I’d started feeling a bit iffy early in the afternoon and had only had a few bottles of lager, and so stuck to the water and diet coke. At the end of the tournament [around 7pm] everyone decided to move on into Broadstairs town but I really wasn’t feeling well and decided to go home. I was annoyed at not being able to go out but actually went to sleep from 8pm ’till 8am! I think I really must have needed it.

I think I’d caught some kind of stomach bug and have not touched alcohol since, and it’s not been too bad. There was meant to be a real ale festival on the Saturday but it was cancelled after they an out of beer of Friday night, so there was no temptation there, and on the other nights I just stuck to the squash. I feel better now.

It’s been nice to have the week off and I return to work tomorrow….argghhh!!!!

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I’ve seen so much, I’m goin blind, And I’m braindead virtually

I don’t watch a huge amount of TV and there’s never anything that I have to watch. If I get to see a particular programme that I like, then brilliant, if I miss it, then no probs. I watch TV when I’ve got free time and want to relax, but I don’t arrange my life aound the old goggle box.

One thing has changed that and it’s Lost. I started off by watching the 3-episodes combo on E4 and have watched every episode now, every week. I suppose it helps that it’s on a wednesday at 11pm on E4, in that I don’t normally go out midweek, and so don’t have to go out of my way to watch it.

Anyway, I’ve been watching it, and I do like it, but it seems that the last couple of episodes have been a bit drab. The first few were brilliant, loads of suspense, weird shit going on, etc, and it got me hooked, but the last couple have been a bit boring, only tying up a few loose ends. When I watch something for an hour (darn those adverts) I want some kind of payback, I want to know more things, I want to be left on a cliffhanger, so that next week I get the money shot. I know things will pick up and I can’t wait to watch all 25 episodes, but damn it I want to know more stuff now!

I could easily borrow the whole series from a friend of mine, but I think that would ruin it for me, my wednesday nights, and also I’m sure I’d end up revealing the ending and pissing off quite a few people. So I’m gonna stick with it and hope it picks up soon.

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Ticket to ride, white line highway, tell all your friends, they can go my way.

Ian dropped by a CD containing photos and video from the stag weekend in Bournemouth. Apparently after a few drinks I think I can breakdance and will show off my ‘style’ if I’ve had enough drinks in me and my so called mates coax me on.

It’s pretty shocking stuff, and I hope I don’t end up like that kid in the email attachments pretending to be Darth Maul (Starwarskid.mpg).

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Company Crap

Don’t you hate it when people you deal with make things really hard for you and in the end you just go along with stuff because it’s easier? I get this sometimes and because I’m an easy going person I’ll prefer to avoid the confrontation and find a work-around solution. I manage a website for a friends band Ticklin the Pickle which I originally hosted a co.uk with the company BargainHost on a cheap hosting plan. 2 years past and I found a cheaper and better hosting agreement with the company 1&1 (very good). I tried to transfer ticklinthepickle.co.uk to them but bargainhosts servers were making it hard for me and I was unable to register the .co.uk and instead got a .org.uk whilst I was sorting out the transfer of the .co.uk. In the end I had to renew the .co.uk with bargainhost for the sum of £16! And got them instead to forward the domain to my .org.uk one. All this was going well until suddenly the .co.uk is not working anymore and now I’ve been told they won’t forward anymore and I’ll have to pay £12 to transfer the domain over to 1&1! I’ll probably have to do this, which is very annoying.

So the rant of this email is companies that muck you around. If you are looking for a good company to host and register domain names with then look no further than 1&1

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i’m usually pretty good at keeping my blog up to date but lately I’ve been a bit lax. I apologise and have fallen foul of this major faux-pas. I like it when people read my blog and when people leave comments, this was one of the reasons of joining blogexplosion.
For those of you who don’t know, Blogexplosion is a site where you register your blog and surf other people’s blogs. The way it works is that you click on a button to randomly surf other peoples’ blogs. You have to spend 30 seconds on the site and then you can move onto the next site if you want. For every visit you gain part credits and these can be redirected in your account so that when other people are doing what you’re doing then they will be visiting your site. So the more sites you surf, the more visitors you get. So after all this work I leave my blog untouched for a week and have maybe lost a few visitors….terrible. I hate it when sites are updated, not neccesarily blogs, but any site, it’s lazy.

Let’s see if I can change…..and find something interesting to blog about.

If there’s any topic you want me to talk about or any questions you have then post a comment here, I’ll give due consideration to all (If I can be bothered)

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About 3/4 weeks ago I sprained my ankle (whilst pissed so no sympathy). Well now it’s almost better after weeks of not being able to do much on and if I tried my ankle gave way and I looked like I’d been shot by a sniper.

Well I made my return to Sunday League Football and guess what? I get a new injury, Only a pul on my hamstring which happened after being on the field for 2 minutes! I’ll give it a rest for the week and hopefully it’ll be all good. Silly silly injuries, I seem to get more the older I get (24 years at present) god it’s all downhill from now.

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