My First Amazon Affiliate Sale

A lesson for everyone is that you shouldn’t put all your eggs in one basket, and with that advice I’ve been looking at trying to diversify my income streams from solely Google AdSense and create some new websites that focus on promoting Amazon products using affiliate links.

Most of my niche sites monetised through AdSense are promoting services etc and so moving onto sites that promote a physical product has been a change and initially I didn’t quite get it. My AdSense sites don’t require me to be a salesman. I write content, insert my Ad code and Google does the rest, but with Amazon products I need to promote the products well enough for people to not only click on the link but also make a purchase.

I’m happy to say that I made my first sale yesterday and will be receiving 5% of a £42.99 product which works out as £2.15 income. It’s not a massive amount but it’s still nice to know that someone out there appreciated my recommendation and bought that item and hopefully once I build up traffic I will get more sales. With more sales also comes a better percentage too.

As I mentioned earlier I found the transition from AdSense sites to Amazon sites quite hard and have made a couple of dud sites where my lack of focus and understanding of affiliate sales meant they haven’t succeeded, but I decided to purchase Chris Guthrie’s Niche Profit Course over the Christmas break to try and remedy that and I believe it was a great decision. I’ve read Chris’ blog for quite a while now so I know how successful he has been and was happy to make this investment.

Niche Profit Course provides step-by-step instructions in video format modules so you can build your own site from scratch.

Some of the information I already knew but I’m still learning and went through each module to build my new affiliate site. The real perks of the module are the free Azon Theme (retails at $77 on its own) and the live case studies where Chris reveals several of the sites he owns that are currently making money.

The Niche Profit Course costs $97 but a quick tip is that if you try and close the tab, you will get a pop-up offering $20 off so you can get the entire Niche Profit Course plus Free Azon Theme for only $77 which is less than £50.

So that’s my sales pitch done, but I have honestly found the course very useful and am sure that yesterday’s sale will be the first of many.