Start with why…

I recently attended Comms By The Coast in Brighton and whilst there were lots of interesting speakers and presentations this video struck a chord with me the most.

“Start With Why” is a TED talk by Simon Simek and I’m going to leave you to watch the video and then be filled with self doubt about why you actually do a lot of what you do!

Stirrings at Ramsgate Port?

From the look of these photos sent in by one of my readers (taken at 1:20pm today) it does look like there are some things going on down at the port of Ramsgate to suggest that it is getting ready for Euroferries to start their service. New check-in/security cabins  have been delivered and there is also new signage which shows check-in signs for cars, coaches, and freight. The fact that there is a sign for coaches implies that this is indeed for Euroferries as to my knowledge this is not something that Transeuropa Ferries offer although the freight would indeed be a sign for them.

4112721758_d8d97d986e_o-9682051 Check-in/Security Cabins Check-in signs

These signs haven’t been put -up yet, and so there is no indication for when the service will start, but are a good sign (excuse the pun)  that the port is getting prepared for that time. You can see a few more photos here.