Niche site update

Half of August has already gone and yet again I haven’t been putting the effort into my niche sites and so I know that unless something drastic happens then I won’t be reaching the targets set by last month’s total income of £351.85 which is a shame. I suppose after the little work I did on them last month I believed I could leave them again and they would still be earning the same revenue but alas that isn’t the case.

My Google Analytics stats show that visitor numbers haven’t dropped that much but it can’t help that I’ve done nothing and so this evening I’ve been creating backlinks and have decided to go through my content and see if I can spruce it up a bit and improve the SEO on the site. I’ve also chosen a new niche site and will hopefully get that going later this week. Niche site P is my major earner but I think it is going to be hard to just make another site that earns me £340 a month as evidenced by Niche Site F which only earnt me £8.33 last month, but if I can get a few more sites earning even £10 a month then they will pay for themselves and every little bit counts in my pursuit of passive income.

I’ve only been creating the sites since May and so there’s plenty more experimenting to do and who know what extra factors count towards visitors and earnings? Once thing for sure is that when the weather is hot and sunny I earn less money so could I see an increase once summer is over?