Proper Skint

This month I am going to be proper skint and it’s the first time in a few years that I’ve said that. I’ve spent out quite a lot in the last month on doing up the kitchen which included oven, hob, sink, taps, worktops, plumbing, and even then I’ve still got to buy the finishing pieces such as kickboards and upstands which will all add more. I’m now a regular in Wickes, picking up items here and there, and it surprising how it all adds up with even a small trip for a few items costing a fair bit.

I do think that I’m over the main costs now though (central heating + kitchen) and can concentrate again on decoration with plastering, wallpaper, and painting coming in a lot cheaper due to my material costs. I still have the council tax to pay (due on 7th) and then I have to pay a gas engineer £85 tomorrow to connect my gas hob which will eat further into the remainder of my wages which I only received on Friday.

I know that once the refurb is complete then my costs will reduce again to the level I budgeted for myself but even then it will take a few months to reach an equilibrium. So I’m tempted to try and earn some more money. Getting a second job is out of the question as I need my spare time to work on the house, so I’ve opted to try out some online surveys! I know it’s a bit of a tinpot solution but looking around I could get a few quid here and there just for putting info in. I’ve set up a special email for it so that I can delete it if I’m getting too much spam, and will see how it goes. I can probably predict that it won’t be worth it, but any extra money will help.

I’m also having a look into Google adsense and will see how it fits in with the blog. If it’s just a small banner on the sidebar then fine, but if it’s too intrusive then I won’t use it.

Other ideas for raising cash are ebay, but I don’t have anything worth selling, or seeing about getting in a few quick web-design jobs through my Thanet Media site.

And as a last resort….

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