London to Brighton Bike Ride | The Big Blog

My sister is doing the London to Brighton Bike Ride on Sunday and is trying to get more sponsors so I thought I’d put a plea onto the blog as you never know who might be reading. She’s raising money for the British Heart Foundation and will be cycling 54 miles (87km) in a day and I’ll be driving down to meet her at the finish line.

If you fancy giving some money, no matter how small it is, then please click the link below to donate:

Edit: Read about it here and check out photos.

In other news, Ben, a friend of Steve’s, who I met at the Isle of Wight Festival took some photos of when we were watching The Rolling Stones and I wanted to share them with you to show you how cool it was. The band were playing on the main stage and then halfway through the performance they all moved onto a certain piece of staging that actually cut it’s way though the crowd and then pneumatically lifted itself up and as you can see we had a really good view.

Amazing eh?

Anyway tonight I’m off to the Uni Summer Ball, and luckily this year I won’t be working so will be indulging in a few beers, although we’ll have to see if I’ll last until 4am when the Ball shuts!