I can’t believe it.

The man in the black below is an idiot. That’s my statement of the day. I could use fouler language but my swearbank has been used up after the ridiculous decision last night not to allow Sol’s goal in the 90th minute…….gutted.

But the boys did us pround, especially Ashley (he was brilliant up the lefthand side making up for our lack of a left-winger, also he defended like a god, putting in some excellent tackles and snuffing out the threat of Christiano Ronaldo), Sol (He was a rock at the heart of the defence, getting his head on every ball and inspiring the whole team), Frank (A good all round footaller whose goals from the midfield were priceless ,with a return of 3 goals in 4 games), and the boy Wayne (he was cool as a cucumber, didn’t get sent off, and scored some corkers). They were solid throughout the tournament and showed that it’s not all about Beckham (who incidently played shite.)

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