Me again.

Well I had fun in Prague. What a fantastic place, good beer, and extremely friendly women.

I went with soem friends from Ramsgate and traveled with Eujet for 26.80 return, and stayed in a hostel for 7.50 a night…..bonus!

Well there was a lot of culture, a lot of beer, and a lot of boobies! There were actually so many that I was boobieboggled and imagined I was seeing them everywhere!

Well thats enough of that but I’d recommend Prague to anyone. If you want to go with a partner and see the culture then you can do that and if you want to go with the lads and get pissed then it’s just as easy to do that.

I brought some absinthe back and last monday 10th I went out and drank wine, lager, vodka, and absinthe. There are soem memories missing but I think the outstanding effort on my part was to get a cab from a local pub/club to somewhere further away from home and then walk back and twist my ankle and bugger the ligaments in it so that I have trouble walking and will not be able to run for a good few weeks!!! Brilliant.

that’s all for now

peace out and word to your mother.

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