Need more power from your PC?

You can now buy a Cray T3E-1200E Supercomputer on Ebay.
For those of you who don?t know a great deal about computers this is shit-hot. It?s a multi processor machine (about 120 in this baby, each at around 600Mhz) and is used for complex scientific calculations.
If you?re interested the bidding starts at $350,000 which isn?t too bad for a machine that cost $3,500,000 in June 1999! Happy bidding.

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  1. Benjamin Solah says:

    The Williams formula 1 team uses something like that in conjunction with their sponsor HP, they measure their data in !!TERRABYTES!! I don?t know how many gigabytes that is but it?s alot, apparently they used about 1.3tb just for the first stage of Aerodynamic data, crapskies

  2. adem says:

    Apparently a terabyte is 1024 gigabytes!
    If you want to top that go for a petabyte, which is 1024 terabytes.
    wikipedia entry

  3. adem says:

    Well it went unsold but they?ve now knocked of $25,000 off the buy it now price. I?m gonna wait till it get?s down to a penny.


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