Soundtrack to your life

Do you ever hear a song and think that it fits in perfectly with your mood at that time? It’s almost like having a film soundtrack to your life with certain songs reflecting your inner emotions.

Well I do, and every so often I’ll hear a song and think “wow” that is so me.

I am going to try and make a list of songs for certain moods I have but I know I won’t be able to justify the songs to you as they are specifically for me and not to be rated by others.

Most of the songs are slightly depressing as I think most of the songs in the world rely on the theme of love, be it gained, lost, or unrequited. Even a few of the songs are ones that I morbidly sometimes think I’d like people to hear at my funeral (or even hear myself at my own passing).

You can find the songs at and use the search at the bottom right of the screen.

Well here we go for a start, these are 2 that automatically spring to mind and I’ll add others later.

Songs to be depressed to…

Incubus Mexico (Morning View – 2001)

A Perfect Circle A Stranger (Thirteenth Step – 2003)

Johnny Cash – Hurt (American IV: The Man Comes Around – 2002)

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