Ok, I’ve seen this advert for a console game called ‘Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction.’ It’s been on the TV 3 times on Channel Five and I can’t help thinking (or wishing) it was a joke. Basically they have shots of the game showing your Mercenary blowing things up and these are interspersed with your regular US voice-over man saying blow something up/blow something else up/blow it up some more/ etc etc etc, I think you get the gist.
The first advert was on at at 6pm so I’m sure kids will be watching it and deciding maybe they could be the next Mark Thatcher prodigy.
The thing that gets me though is that it’s like the adverts you would see in the Robocop and alike films from the 80s.
Ha, I would laugh then but it’s really happening.

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