St. Patricks Day

Well for those of you who didn’t know it was St. Patricks Day yesterday, the Patron Saint of Ireland. It’s a day to celebrate all that’s Irish, but usually ends up as an excuse for Guinness to go into merchandising overdrive and for everyone to drink themselves silly.
I ended up going to the local pub and indulged in being Oirish (cue terrible accent) and fell into Guinness’s marketing ploy whereby for every pint you bought you got a token and once you’d collected 5 tokens you got a silly hat and a few badges.
I never drink guinness but I’m glad I did last night – look at all the free stuff (not really free when it’s 2.70 a pint!) I got!

P.S I’ve always heard the rumours and I can confirm that Guinness does make you poo very dark! No photo evidence for this though, sorry, maybe next year.

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