Not a good way to start the morning

I woke up, I’d had a good sleep, I had boiled eggs for brekkie, I’d got dressed, I’m just leaving the house and it’s then that I spot something familiar on the road, something very familiar, that shouldn’t be there. Shock, it’s my driver-side wing mirror glass!…….again!
I think everyone can accept that you might lose a mirror once, but now it’s the third time! And they all happened in different places! If it just happened on my street then maybe I’d fold the wing mirrors in at night, but it’s happened twice in another town too, this is the first time at my house.
The last time it happened I had to replace the motor that controls the mirror at that had got f**ked too. I suppose this time it’s only the mirror but as they cost about 6 a pop it’s an expense I don’t really need.
It just pisses me of that people will drive past, knock off my mirror, and not give a shit about it.

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