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Wow, two posts in the same week! I’ve got to let people know I’m still around. I do like looking at certain people’s blogs, I only comment on a few but I’d like them to know that I’m thinking of them s oI think I’m going to put a blogrolling links list on the Big Blog. I’ve got a paltry list of 4 blogs on the sidebar that I apparently ‘Like’ but I do read more, although not religiously, but there were a few I used to read that ended and were never updated again…..a shame.

This week has been fairly chilled, and I think it’s helped that the weather has been nice. I’ve even managed to get a few bits and bobs done at home. I mowed the lawn on monday (looks nice, and becoming a habit), and even did a bit of carpentry on tuesday and yesterday. In the hallway there’s a coat cupboard, which had some fairly flimsy doors on that kept popping open, so I got some timber out of the shed, some hardboard (from homebase), and got out my workbench, jigsaw (the tool, not the puzzle), drill, and a variety of screwdrivers, and built a set of new doors. They look good and only need to be painted but the only annoying thing is that the house isn’t straight! My doors are perfect but the actual frame is not, which means there’s a bit of a wonky gap between the doors, but don’t worry (ha! like you were) as a bit of beading will sort this out! I know it’s cheating but it’s certainly easier than putting in a new frame.

Well that’s then end of this DIY post.

Still no updates on the holiday (remember to comment and tell me good places to go in reference to a few posts ago)

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