Something fishy’s going on! (I mean mammaly…my bad.)

I love whales…..but I couldn’t eat a whole one!! ha ha ha! Well apparently this wouldn’t really go down as a joke in Japan, Norway, or Iceland, as they seem intent on overturning the 20 year ban on Whaling. In past years the votes in favour of whaling have gone up, with there needing to be a 75% majority of the members of the IWC to remove the ban.

How can this be? Well since the International Whaling Commission (IWC) set up in 1947, the membership has more than doubled from 30 to 66, with 9 new members joing in the past year. Japan has been bribing recruiting poor developing countries and securing their support by offeing incentives such as large aid packages. Many of they countries have had no previous link to whaling and a few, namely Mali and Mongolia, have no coastline to conduct their apparent wish for whaling from! A bit naughty if you ask me.

Excuse me, Mr Mali, where’s your coastline?

Excuse me, Mrs Mongolia, where will you be whaling?

I hope that the ban remains as many species of whales have been almost harpooned to extinction, but even if the ban remains there will still be those countries who simply decide to ignore it and make a sham of a system put in to protect our wildlife (Japan hunted 400 whales last year for ‘scientific reasons’ and the Norwegians openly defied it by giving its whalers a quota of 670 whales in 2004, up to 797 this year.)
Still we can’t talk can we? Don’t even get me started on the poor Cod!

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