A Change Would Do You Good

On a lighter side of things I thought I?d tell you my two favourite jokes.
Q. What?s E.T. short for?
A. Because he?s only got little legs!
Q. Why does Noddy wear a hat with bells on?
A. Because he?s a twat!

Boom! Boom! Classics, and ones that I can still remember when pissed.
If you?ve got any classics and you want to share some good humour then post a comment.

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8 Responses to A Change Would Do You Good

  1. Lord Bargain says:

    why does Mike Tyson have tears in his eyes during sex?


    (yes, it took me a minute as well?)

  2. Tom says:

    What do you call a scientologist up to their neck in concrete?

    Not enough concrete.

    (Easily adaptable, that joke.)

  3. Tom says:

    Ever heard of the dyslexic agnostic who lies awake at night worrrying if there is a Dog?

  4. Lord Bargain says:

    or the DNA being the National Dsylexics Association?

  5. Lord Bargain says:

    ?and the dyslexic drunk who choked on his own Vimto

  6. Lord Bargain says:

    or the dyslexic devil worshippers selling their souls to Santa..

    [stop now - Ed.]

  7. Flash says:

    ?or the famous football team
    Dyslexics Untied

  8. adem says:

    to meny disleksick jowks!


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