I feel right, the music sounds better with you

I?ve resisted the urge for a long time but now I really want one??I want an i-pod!!!
I?ve got loads of mp3s and CDs and I almost bought a Creative Zen Touch around 6 months ago but I resisted and realised I didn?t actually need an mp3 player. But now I need one!

From all the specs I?ve looked at and reviews I?ve seen, the Creative is actually better than the Apple i-pod, but then there?s the whole style issue, and after checking out a few friends ones (i-pods that is) I?m gonna get the i-pod.

I?ve fallen upon a few problems though:
1) Money ? always a big issue. I?ve checked and I?ve already got 20gig of mp3s and this is sure to keep going so I really need to think about getting the 60gig one which is a pound short of 300. Luckily as I work for a University I could be eligeble for an educational discount but that only brings it down to 274.95
I?ve had a look on ebay but nothing is really much of a bargain so I might as well get an official one from the Apple store
2) i-Tunes has just f**cked around with the /my music/ directory and has made loads of new folders! arghhh! Not what I want. Also it hasn?t uploaded around 90% of my music, so I?ll have to upload all the folders seperately.

If anyone knows where I can get a cheaper i-pod then leave a comment. Also if anyone knows how to undo the folder buggery then leave a comment.

That?s all for now.

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  1. SwissToni says:

    Hm. I don?t know where you can get a cheap one, but the new one they have just brought out looks really good ? decent memory, colour screen & good battery life. It?s come down quite a lot in price as well?. I think the 60Gb version is now nearly £200 cheaper than the 30GB I bought a couple of years ago.

    When I bought my iPod, iTunes hadn?t been ported onto the PC yet (although I now use a mac) and so I was forced to use another music program?. the one they packaged with the iPod was horrible (MusicMatch I think it was). I used MediaCentre, and it was really good. When they finally moved iTunes to the PC, I tried it, hated it, and stuck with mediacentre. I was hasty though. I can?t remember why, but I tried iTunes again and found it to be brilliant and I haven?t looked back.

    Have you tried consolidating your music? I think that?s an option on one of the file menus somewhere in iTunes.

    iPods rock. And when you get one, I want to hear the 10 tracks that come up on shuffle.

    You won?t be sorry. It?s completely changed the way I listen to music.


  2. adem says:

    Cheers for that.
    I?m actually going through all my music now, putting mp3s into proper folders, etc, and it?s brought up a few suprises.
    I didn?t even know Celine Dion was on my PC. au revoir Celine [pressing del]


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