they’re like buses

You wait for one, then three come along at the same time. No not buses as the title suggests, or women (I should coco), but in fact photo-uploading doobries. In the past I’ve been uploading pics to my site and directing my blog to get pictures from there. I did this as I have the space and there was nothing else that was that simple without signing up to loads of other things.

Then last month I decided to join flickr. I’d seen people, like SwissToni, had uploaded their pictures on to flickr and used them on their blog, so I jumped in and signed up (for free of course). All’s very good there.

Then now blogger has launched a free photo upload service directly from the blog posting section. Easy Peasy.

So What do I go with???? I’m guessing I’ll still use flickr and my own hosting, but I don’t know if I’ll use the actual blogger upload as I won’t really know where the pictures are, as they’ll be floating around in cyber space somewhere. Scary. I do wonder where all the crap goes on the internet, when people sign up to services or upload things and then completely forget about it.

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