Does everyone have a different take? Are you just cool and I?m just baked?

I finally caved in a got the James Blunt Album ?Back to Bedlam?. It has been at Numero Uno in the charts for a while now so it must be good??..mustn?t it?

A complete and utter blunt??

First Listen?
Well I?ve listened to it now, all 10 tracks, and it?s quite good, although there is something nagging at me that I feel like I?ve heard a few of the songs before, not that they?re rip-offs but some of the soings are a bit same-ish. I can?t quite put my finger on it but if you?ve heard it you might know what I mean.

A while later?.
Ok, I?ve listened to it a bit more, and actually listened to the lyrics, and I must admit that some of the songs do do it for me, and I think it?s one of those ones that I ?ll listen to when I?m a little lonely and want a few songs to wallow in.

I couldn?t do better myself though so I?ll stop now.

Got any comments on it???

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2 Responses to Does everyone have a different take? Are you just cool and I?m just baked?

  1. SwissToni says:

    I saw James Blunt on ?later?.with Jools Holland? and he did a solo version of ?goodbye my lover?. He was clearly very nervous, and the performance wasn?t much cop and I wasn?t impressed at all. But then over the next couple of days I found that the song had implanted itself in my brain, so I went out and bought the album?. and I know exactly what you mean. I *quite* liked it, but it didn?t strike me as brilliant. Sure ?goodbye my lover? and ?you?re beautiful? stood out, but I was averagely indifferent to the rest.

    But it grew on me.

    At Glastonbury, I got up on the sunday morning to check him out on the main stage. The crowd was pretty big and it was a beautiful sunny day, and he was fantastic. Really brilliant, and I understand it was the making of him. By the time I got home on the monday night, his concert at Rock City had sold out, and he was booking a slot in the Nottingham Arena. Shortly afterwards ?You?re Beautiful? climbed up to number 1 in the chart having been released 6 weeks earlier. Despite hearing it a huge number of times, I still like it and I haven?t got tired of it. In fact, I think I?m going to pop the album on now.

    I know some people hate him, can?t stand his voice blah, blah, blah. But fuck?em. I like it.


  2. adem says:

    I?m liking this a lot now.


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