Smells Like Teen Spirit

At the moment I smell like a cheap man-whore.

I?ve been out shopping (pure hell) to buy a few bits and bobs for my sisters birthday (she?ll be 27) and I really hate having to buy things when I don?t know what I?m looking for. If I was better prepared I would?ve scanned the internet and got her stuff from there but I only remembered yesterday about her birthday.

Back to the man-whore bit. Whilst I was looking for presents I thought I?d try on a few men?s fragrances?..8 different types later and I still ended up with what I got last time.

I used to get a bottle of CK Eternity for my birthday and that?d do me, but it?s very expensive and don?t get it anymore. Last time I got Versace ? Blue Jean, which was nice and at 10 a bottle from Matalan, a pretty good deal for something with a ?name? attached to it. I did think about treating myself but at the end of the day I just stank of too many fragrances and gave it a miss, and went with the Versace again.
I wanted to know if any of you out there in bloggerland could recommend an aftershave that you personally use? Put it in the comments please. Cheers

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3 Responses to Smells Like Teen Spirit

  1. Ginny says:

    Personally, I don?t use aftershave.

    I also don?t really care for aftershave on men either. We had a mailcarrier at work who wore tons of something ? you could smell him before he even walked into office. It took hours for it to disperse in the air after he picked up our mail. The moral of the story is ?don?t use too much?.

  2. adem says:

    Well that was me yesterday!
    I like just a little bit on certain occassions?.it makes me feel special!

  3. Phil says:

    Boss from Hugo Boss get?s me attention from the women-folk in the good way. Ain?t too pricely but you do wince when you pay. Ah well, the cost of having the afore mentioned women-folk.

    By the way, you coming down this coming weekend or what?


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