They spun a web for me

There was a fairly large spider in my bathtub last night and I could?ve picked it up and put it somewhere else but I thought I?d let him keep his dignity and do it himself. Thinking back to something I?d read on someone elses blog (I can?t remember who?s) I fashioned my first ?spider ladder? which was basically a length of loo roll hung over the side of the bath. Using this the spider is able to crawl out? in theory.

Guess what??.. theory works! The spider was gone this morning and is probably coming up with plans to lay egg in my ears, or something as devious, honestly it was quite a big spider and was giving me evils.

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4 Responses to They spun a web for me

  1. Barnze says:

    I just wash um down the plug hole.Then they mutate in the drains?Well that?s what i think anyroad!

  2. SwissToni says:

    there was a massive spider in the office today. I rescued him from a load of panicking women standing on their chairs and shrieking, and took him out of the building and let him go. I?m not big on touching them, but I figure that this dude had the right to live, you know? He could probably do a better job than a lot of other people in the office, that?s for sure.

    Good work with the spider ladder.


  3. Tom says:

    The only problem with the spider ladder is that he is going bring his whole family to come and see it, because they will not believe that such a thing exists.

  4. adem says:

    Sadly the spider ladder exists no more. Its job was done and has now been removed. Daddy spider had brought his whole family to see the wonder that had saved his life, but it had gone?.you could see the tears in the kiddies eyes, and that a lot of eyes.


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