Stand by your man

I?ve just been going to a few blogs and I got around to Statue Johns brilliant ?Stand By Your Statue? and behold I?m famous!

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2 Responses to Stand by your man

  1. Spoke says:

    I?m at work, they don?t mind a bit of the ol? cyber activity,but I won?t stay long (two finger typist).
    What, in a nutshell,is this blog all about. When I have time, I?ll go thru it. Leave us a comment on mine and I?ll find you again. I found you thru the ?ale? interest.

  2. Phil says:

    What up. Glad to see you?re still alive.

    I?ve been struggling on the blog front as well, but hopefully my recent post will inspire me to be a little more proactive.


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