You know that I?ve been drunk a thousand times,and these should be the best days of my life,

If you?ve been in your town centre on a friday or saturday night then you?ll see large groups of 18-30s drinking alcohol. Fair enough, they?re old enough and have worked hard during the week so they?re entitled to relax. But what about the increase in binge drinking? Those levels of drinking are the cause of many other ills of society, such as violence, vandelism, sex attacks, but what about the other ill-effects? What about the harm to your relationships and what about the harm to yourself?. Physically and mentally?

This brings me to my little poser today. Obviously the blame for drinking too much lies first with the individual but it must also lie with the suppliers, the pubs and clubs, but what about the people like me who serve the drinks?

I am on the frontline and actually see the results of alcohol consumption. Last night I was at the pub and first one guy punched another guy whom he thought was insulting his girlfriend, and then their girlfriends got into a argument in the toilets. Luckily I went in there [pervert] and tried to get them to calm down upon which they broke into a fight which I had to separate. They hadn?t drunk a huge amount but the friction of too many people drinking caused it.

I also see those quiet drinkers who are in there everyday drinking large amounts, and no doubt doing themselves harm.

In other areas of life I try to be ethical and moral?.but what about this area? I?ve worked in bars for 5 years, have seen what alcohol does, but I still work there. Technically I am a drug dealer.

Is it morally right to work in the alcohol industry when I see what harm it causes?

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3 Responses to You know that I?ve been drunk a thousand times,and these should be the best days of my life,

  1. Flash says:

    Yes, of course it?s right.
    Serving behind a bar is not the root of any problems.
    Granted, there is a problem with stupid people behaving badly when drunk, but it?s not a new problem.
    It?s not really drink either, in my opinion. It?s just down to stupid people.
    I?ve been drunk grillions of times & I have not once been violent to anyone.
    Drink is used as an excuse for stupid people to carry out their stupid actions, a smokescreen if you will.
    So, the fault of the bartender?

  2. adem says:

    I?m not saying it?s my fault. But what about the conscientious shopkeeper who stops selling nestle? He does it on moral grounds. Should I really be selling alcohol, or should I stop working for a company who profits from people slowly poisoning themselves. I definately wouldn?t work for a tobacco company or an animal testing lab. What?s different about working in the pub-trade?

    Of course I wouldn?t give up my job because I need money?.
    Why do I need money??..
    To be able to drink at the weekends of course!!!

  3. Jonny says:

    Wo-wo-wo. Don?t knock the animal testers or I won?t let you have any Viagra when your old!


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