As we are told that this is the end

Quite a few of my past posts have been a little sparse in content and have been a bit run of the mill so I?m going to talk about something a little controversial.
I don?t mean that we should commit genocide or blow up the world I just believe that there are too many people on earth. I may not believe in a higher-being (I don?t rule it out though) but I do believe that there is a design to life and to nature.

I look at the news and see that millions are dying from AIDS, Cancer, and a variety of other diseases, and I sometimes think to myself ?maybe that is a good thing??. I wouldn?t wish this fate on anyone and know that they are horrible inflictions to have which cause great amounts of suffering but do we ever ask ourselves why this is happening?

It used to be that the world was kept in order, something died, something was born, and in general everything was hunky-dory. From time to time nature would have a big shake up but apart from that everything was cool. Then during the last couple of centuries humans have been reproducing at an expenential rate which can be seen in the graph below (along with future predictions).

I?m not saying that my views are neccesarily correct but it is something to think about. I think that nature is trying to find new ways of keeping our population to an amount that is sustainable on earth with regards to resourses etc. Everytime a new disease comes along we find a cure and then something else even worse comes along. We are now finding cures for Cancer (not 100% but survival rates have increased) and there are now treatments to extend the lives of AIDS sufferers (which will lead to a cure in the future) but I believe that new, more virilant disease will come along and continue to try and keep our population down.

I don?t like it that anyone should die but it is what nature intended. Roll-on Avian Flu!

Maybe this is what we have in store?

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  1. Ginny says:

    I hate to say it, but I think you?re right. Disease is nature?s way of keeping everything in check ? not that it?s nice to see someone ill.

    Unfortunately, we are very overdue for a flu pandemic. I believe I heard somewhere that they should occur every 30-50 years or so, and the last major one was in 1918. You do the math.

    Logan?s Run? I haven?t thought about that movie for along time ? we all liked that film a lot. It was pretty good for its day. I know my sister searched forever it seemed to find it on video, though I don?t remember if she ever did get it.

  2. Jonny says:

    Working as i do for the largest drug company in the world i hear rumours that there are things going on that might be of ?questional morality?. Stuff like putting pressure on governments, selective donations, price fixing, animal cruelty, pollution etc

    Before i was at least happy that i was contributing to curing the sick, saving lives and generally increasing peoples quality of life.

    Now i?m all depressed. What does every think i should do: Quit or sabatage the company from within?

    Adem, can you sort me out with some bar work if i go for option 1?


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