Seven Rides for Seven Brothers

I finished reading ? by Irvine Welsh on Wednesday and now I?m bookless.

The novel is a sequel to ? which I must admit I?ve only seen on the big screen and not read but this gave me a great mental imagery of the characters and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. Welsh?s use of dialogue and character accents adds something brilliant to the book and although slightly challenging at first I found myself slipping into the language and terminology.

I?d reccommend it to those who enjoyed Trainspotting, and best of all I picked up the book for 1.50 from the Cancer Research shop. Bargain.

I need to go out and get a DVD of Trainspotting pretty soonish as I need my fix.

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  1. Ginny says:

    I like the film Trainspotting as well. I haven?t seen it in a long time ? maybe one to rent again soon.


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