Me, I?d like to think, life is like a drink

Yesterday I went off to Canterbury with Chris, Tim, Emma, and Pippa with the aim of getting something for Mother?s Day. We went to Wetherspoons for lunch and sent the girls off and we decided that maybe the day would be better spent having a few drinks instead and seeing how many we could have before meeting up with the girls again.

Around 6 pints later, and with no prezzies for Mother?s Day we headed back to Ramsgate for the start of Saturday night. We went to Churchills, the Royal Oak, and then finished off at the casino. I did slow up on the drinking as the evening went on as I didn?t really fancy a hangover, and even treated myself to a cooked breakfast at the casino [around midnight!]. I may have told you that last time I was there I lost 50, which Iwasa not happy with. This time I was more restrained and only placed one bet on the roulette. 10 on ?evens?. It came up and I was happy that I?d actually come away with a profit. There was temptation to bet more but I left it at that.

It wasn?t till 1am that I found out that the clocks here were going forward 1 hour, and realised I would have to, in theory, get up an hour earlier for Sunday league footy. doh!!

I got up today quite tired, went off to footy, lost 5-0 in a cup game, and then picked up some Mother?s Day stuff. In the end I settled for a card, bunch of flowers, and a freeview box so that Mum could watch TV in bed. I normally spend less that that on Mother?s Day but I thought it was the least I could do. Mum?s eh? Brilliant.

So now I?m sitting down, aching a bit after getting a ?deadleg? at footy, and just chilling.

I hope you all had a good weekend too. Laters

[me on the train back from Canterbury]
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3 Responses to Me, I?d like to think, life is like a drink

  1. Flash says:

    ?and I?m hoping that it tastes like Bourbon!

    Good plan, ditching the shops in favour of the pub.

  2. Mark says:

    that looks nothing like your other picture. the hair?s migrated to the lip!

  3. adem says:

    That?s because I haven?t updated my profile since I first set up the blog in May 2004.

    Gravity has also been moving my hair from my head to other parts of my body!


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