What a difference a day makes, twenty-four little hours

24 hours in a day doesn?t seem to be enough nowadays. And this seems to be the gist of my recent posts so I won?t bore you with all that and instead tell you what I got up to last night [only a quick post as I've got work at the pub at 4pm...busy, busy, busy....Whoops I said I wouldn't go on.]

2 weeks ago it was Hodders, Tom?s and Chris? birthdays within the space of a week and their ladies wanted to do something special, a James Bond evening. This event got delayed till last night, but it all went well and I had a good time. The plan for the evening was for everyone to dress up as a James Bond character and then we?d have a starter at one house, a main at another, and a desert at the last house, where we?d stay to party away.

The girls put a lot of effort into it and so did everyone that came. I myself was dressed as Oddjob [the bowler hat assassin], and I took many photos with Jonny?s camera. Where are the photo?s I hear you ask?.well my suit got dirty in a chocolate fountain related incident and when I was washing down my jacket I must?ve got the camera wet!!! It was working fine, and then started playing up later on. At the moment I?ve taken the battery and memory card out in order to possibly dry off any moisture that may be in there, and if that doesn?t work then I?ll look towards insurance or just sorting Jonny out with some non-existent cash.

I will post the photos soon though!

We had footy today too against the team 2nd in the division, and we were 2-0 up after 10 minutes but lost 4-2 in the end. I was really proud with the way the team played as we are 2nd from bottom at the moment and involved in a relegation fight. I was on the bench and got 5 minutes at the end of the game in the central midfield, and I have to say I enjoyed it, getting in a few good tackles. I managed to sort out training on Thursdays on an astroturf pitch at my old school and hopefully I?ll be able to regain some fitness which I?ve lost over the past year. The plan is to spend summer getting fit and then try and get into the team for some games.

As I mentioned I?ve got work at the pub as they needed staff because the England-France Rugby is on and also the Liverpool-Arsenal match is on too. I?m only working till 8pm and will have to eek out what I can from the rest of the evening before work at Uni tomorrow at 8:30am.

Laters all.

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  1. Lord Bargain says:

    Phrases You Weren?t Expecting To Hear Today #82:

    ?my suit got dirty in a chocolate fountain related incident?.

    Nuff said, I think?.

  2. adem says:

    The photos are now on flickr. just click on the flikr badge to the right to go to my photos.


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