Working on a sex farm.

I haven?t posted since monday and that?s because I?ve been busy???busy with what?? I hear you ask?well??

As you know Phil and I have been working on the new business and in the last post asked people if they wanted a free logo or baner design. Well we got 6 responses from Flash, Ginny, SwissToni, Tracy, Alecya, and Suburban Hen, and have started working on them. The main idea for doing this was to get the word out, practice our skills, and go through the process of designing and see what we will both exactly do when we get bona fide customers. So you guys are our guinea pigs this week.

It?s been nice to get working on Photoshop and here?s something I was fiddling with for Flash?s blog [it's not in his final design though.]


One of the problems with setting up a new venture is that I?m still owrking in my other jobs and this week has been really busy for me with out of the house from 8am till 6pm and then working on things till around 12:30am/1am. This explains my lack of blogging and why the designs are taking a little longer than I would hope. Still this is what this grace-period if for.

We?ve also decided on a name ???????. [drum roll]???????? and we will now be known as and you can contact us at We racked our brains and found that many of our preferred names were already registered, and so we now have a name.

The plan is to get these logos/jobs out of the way and then I?ll be able to work on the website and hopefully get something sorted by the Easter Period [realistically]. From then we can start some serious promotion, will have ironed out faults, and will hopefully be making some money [fingers crossed].

I?m going to try and get an early night now and will have to be at work for 8:30am. Laters

p.s. The title lyric today if from Spinal Tap. I was thinking of a lyric for working hard and that one popped into my head. Very funny and here?s the rest:

Working on a sex farm

Trying to raise some hard love
Getting out my pitch fork
Poking your hay

Scratching in your henhouse
Sniffing at your feedbag
Slipping out your back door
Leaving my spray

Sex farm woman, I?m gonna mow you down
Sex farm woman, I?ll rake and hoe you down
Sex farm woman, don?t you see my silo rising high?

Working on a sex farm
Hosing down your barn door
Bothering you livestock
They know what I need

Working up a hot sweat
Crouching in your pea patch
Plowing through your beanfield
Planting my seed

Sex farm woman, I?ll be your hired hand
Sex farm woman, I?ll let my offer stand
Sex farm woman, don?t you hear my tractor rumbling by?

Working on a sex farm
Trying to raise some hard love
Getting out my pitch fork
Poking your hay

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3 Responses to Working on a sex farm.

  1. Flash says:

    I love all the headers you did for me, with that sort of quality I?m sure you & Phil will soon be millionaires!!!

  2. adem says:

    cheers for that Flash.

  3. Oooh, I like the bling. Very, erm, flashy. [sorry...sorry]

    You?re quite talented. Quite. I am looking forward to mine. Very much.

    Keep up the good work.


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