If everybody had an ocean

Well after last nights rubbish post about beaches and holidays, I actually dreamt that I was on a beach in the Algarve. Everything was going well, and I was on the beach taking some excellent pictures using a disposable camera of friends mucking around, where after every picture I had to load the film on, just like in the olden days. My attention was distracted to further out to sea where a lot of boats had gathered. At first what was in the water appeared to be a dolphin but soon I realised it was a shark!

Everyone was scrambling out of the water, but suddenly a shadow appeared and a girl got her leg bitten but she managed to get to dry land. I went to help her but she didn?t want any help and was more angry at being attacked. She only had a flesh wound.

Weird dreams eh? I suppose it was actually a pretty normal dream compared to some of the others we have which actually make no sense whatsoever. I think I?ll decide not to interpret this dream as I think it was just where my mind was when I went to sleep, with no underlying messages hidden in it. Unless of course it means something bad is going to happen!! Watch this space.

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5 Responses to If everybody had an ocean

  1. Aravis says:

    That is simply not a sight I want to see when I?m in the water, but what an amazing photo!

  2. adem says:

    I actually think it?s a dolphin, which is a bit more relaxing.

  3. SwissToni says:

    a 12 ft dolphin?

    that?s nearly as scary as it being a shark!

    great photo though.


  4. There is no way that is a dolphin the head shape gives it away that is a shark.

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