I?m not a part of a redneck agenda.

You may remember from this post that there are one or two ignorant racists at the pub I work at. Have a read of the post to learn more. There is one in particular who really pisses me off, a guy called Frank, in his fifties.

I?m in a predicament though as I explained previously ?I can understand some people?s ignorance and where it stems from but when they won?t accept there is another way, then it really gets my goat up?. He is a man who will not change his views and I doubt there is anyway of this happening, so what am I meant to do.

This week it was the usual rant about Muslims, how they can?t be trusted, etc, bombers, etc, terrorists, etc, and I wanted to step in and argue against him but I know it would be hopeless. I am staff and he is a customer, and what would result would be him getting into a rant trying to justify his views with a load of bollocks. I just can?t get into arguments with customers, especially when it would be fruitless, with him dishing out the usual BNP/Daily Mail tripe.
In this case I had to walk away. What else could I do?

On another vein another customer, Kev, who knew that I?d been to University and got a degree in Study of Religions, asked me what religion I believed in. I replied that I was an agnostic but was still open to the idea of faith and found that the best way was to investigate all beliefs and understand where they were all coming from. He liked that view and explained that when he used to live up north [Newcastle] he was a racist, and it wasn?t till he actually changed jobs and had to work with some people of other faiths and backgrounds, that his views changed. He learnt more about them and their religions, but also got to know them as people and ended up socialising with them. I told him about Frank and his reply was ?What a cunt.? My feelings exactly.

I guess there are some people who can change and some who cannot. It?s a shame.

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5 Responses to I?m not a part of a redneck agenda.

  1. Flash says:

    I believe everyone CAN change, but some simply do not want to, such as Frank.

  2. Michael says:

    change is possible for anyone with an open mind.

    At one time, I thought I was a Republican. Anyone who reads my blog would have to laugh at that statement.

    I know how I?d mess with a guy like that. I?d tell him I was Muslim, and continue on with the most elaborate story I could come up with.

    Would be fun.

  3. I dont know Flash. There?s a difference I guessin believe they can and knowing they won?t I think there are people that can?t change. My mom can make an effort not to be cruel and hateful, but she doesnt want to, still, even when she does try, she fails miserably. You?ve got faith in people I?ve long ago lost.

    Adem, so sorry you work with morons. I feel your pain.


  4. Phil says:

    If you want to see me go from calm to bling rage in under 3 seconds put me in a room with a rascist. Cunts!

  5. adem says:

    ?bling rage??? Is that when you go loco with your chunky jewellry??


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