Just one day out of life

I?m off work for Easter now, on both jobs! I thought that I might as well use a bit of my annual holiday and get some time off, as so I?m not back at work till Wednesday. Wahey!!

Now to get all that stuff done that I?ve been holding off on. The main one being the Angryseahorse.com website. One annoying thing with the hosting I currently have is that the package doesn?t include SQL which means I?m limited on the database front unless I upgrade. I currently pay 4.99 a month and the next one up is 8.45 a month? mmm what to do?

I?ve also managed to start reading again and am halfway through by Carlos Ruiz Zafon. A good read indeed.

I also managed to watch a few DVDs that I borrowed from Tim and started off with BASEketball and then War of the Worlds [the new Tom Cruise One]. It was nice to actually watch a film without having adverts spoil it. I wasn?t really impressed with War of the Worlds. nuff said.

It?s 12:15am now and as I don?t have to get up in the morning I?m going to see how much of The Bourne Identity I can watch [on ITV2].

Night Night.

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5 Responses to Just one day out of life

  1. SuperAmanda says:

    Fun blog! Do you know why all the Brit pubs have the same menu now or is rthat just London? Bourne idenity was kiler.

  2. adem says:

    I do agree that quite a lot of pubs have the same menu. It?s probably something to do with nothing being made fresh anymore and them all using the same supplier for their foods to fry and microwave!

  3. Aravis says:

    I loved Shadow of the Wind. Hope you enjoy it as much. Enjoy your time off from work! :0)

  4. adem says:

    Finished the book last night? very good read.

    Now to find more books!

  5. Lord Bargain says:

    I thought ?War of the Worlds? was absolute tat as well. Some of the early set-pieces were Ok, but the whole explanation and ending seemed to take about 30 seconds and sorta passed me by.

    He?s increasingly bonkers, old Cruise as well. Apparently he wants to eat Katie Holmes? placenta.


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