I was right about the whales and the dolphins

Yesterday was a BUSY day. I got up at 9am, and got ready for football at 10:30am. I was quite tired at I been out on the Saturday night and didn?t get to bed till 3am, but I was up and ready as we had a great day planned ahead. We were having an interclub friendly between ourselves with the teams divided into ?over 26s? against ?under 26s? ,and the end result was 4-2 to the ?over 26s?, but us young ?uns put in a good show.

The rest of the day was a family affair with all the players bringing their partners and children, with everyone playing mini-football, rounders, and cricket.

We stayed out till around 3pm, which resulted in me getting quite sun-burnt. because I?ve got a shaved head I normally put sun-block on but because I haven?t had to yet this year I completely forgot, but plenty of after-sun came out later on I assure you.

After this we went back to Roy and Sheila?s [who run the club] for a BBQ, which was very nice, and as I wasn?t drinking I agreed to go night fishing with Ben later on in the evening.

We left home at 10pm for the walk down to the harbour and got there around 20 minutes later and set ourselves up. It was lovely weather and a pleasant eveing and even though I was tired I was glad I came.

Ben caught a pouting on his first cast, and then I caught a dogfish on my second cast, which was cool as I?d never caught one before. If you didn?t know the dogfish is from the shark family, and you could tell by the look and feel of it, as it had very rough sandpaper like skin and EVIL eyes! Here?s a picture of it [only taken with my phone so apologies for picture quality.]

And so it looked like being a very good evening?? I didn?t catch anything else.

I left at 2am and got home at 2:30am and went to bed ?..zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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5 Responses to I was right about the whales and the dolphins

  1. Cuppojoe says:

    I?ve never had the chance to go night fishing, but we did take Grandpa?s old 14-footer out off Vancouver Island to see what we could catch once. Dogfish were all we caught that day, as a matter of fact! Fiesty buggers when they get the be 3 or 4 feet long, eh?

  2. adem says:

    i wouldn?t really know about that as this one was pretty small??

  3. Charby says:

    We have dogfish in our touchpool! You should hear all the kids when we tell them we have a species of shark in there and then their disappointment that its not jaws!

  4. Stef says:

    I caught a mackerel once. From a boat obviously.

  5. Aravis says:

    Congratulations on your catch! Hope you managed to get some much-needed sleep after. :0)


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