Just don?t let me down

I was meant to be going down to Brighton today for a bit of Bank Holiday fun?. but now I am not. The plan was to get there for midday and catch up with my friends band ,watch them for a bit, then pop to the pier and go on the rides, get some grub [fish and chips!], maybe a 99, and then head off around 5ish, but there are several reasons why we are not doing this. The weather is predicted to be rainy [the band were supposed to be playing an outside gig] and my car isn?t fixed yet.

On other news I went over to ticketmaster try and complete one of the items on my list Go to a ?proper? band gig, so I scoured around and saw ?The Kooks? were going to be playing at Leas Cliff Hall in August, brilliant I thought, but sadly the tickets were all sold out. doh! The Leas Cliff Hall is in Folkestone which is just down the road from me so would be ideal so I scoured who else was playing there, and all I can say is CRAP.

So yet another weekend music video is called for, and so I present The Kooks ? Naive?.

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  1. Lord Bargain says:

    they were sold out in Nottingham as well by the time I got round to buying tickets.

    it?s a great album, though. And a great single.


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