Oh, I?ve been working all week I?m tired,

I finished V for Vendetta today, but can?t be bothered writing much about it as it?s FRIDAY!!!!!

It was a good read, and I know loads of you guys out there drool over it, and although I enjoyed it, and it was thought provoking, I did have a few problems with it?. I thought it echoed of 1984 in some of it?s pretext but I suppose this is more to do with Orwell?s accurate vision of the future, rather than Moore?s borrowing.

Not being a regular reader of graphic novels, I sometimes got confused over the different types of of text bubbles, especially at times when the TV was overlapping what was going on in another subplot. I suppose this can be solved by me reading V again, and due to me not being used to this type of literature.

I don?t mean to put a dampner on what is a very good book, so don?t be nasty to me in the comments!!

Now to get the weekend started!!

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  1. Phil says:

    See, I was gonna go see that film, but I just couldn?t get passed the stupid outfit. I was also gonna go see Ultraviolet til I found out it was Mila Jovovich as another superhero. *Sigh*


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