come fill my little world, right up, right up

So what?s been going on since I last posted??? Well, the tooth seems to be a lot better after my spot of DIY, although I?m going to still have to try and find an NHS dentist [I'll have to go through the East Kent Coastal PCT who'll help me], but for the moment I feel good.

I?ve stopped peeling now too, which was thoroughly disgusting, and I?ve got to remember to put my sun-block on and wear a hat now that the sun seems to have come out.

I?ve been working more at the pub at the Manager is on holiday for a week. I?ve quite enjoyed it although yesterday was busy as we had loads of people enjoying the sun [how dare they!], drinking beer and eating food, and as it?s good weather, they?ve been out in the beer garden too, which means double the area for them to make a mess in.

The World Cup kicks of tomorrow, and I am working at the pub in the evening, although I?m not too sure how many we?ll get in for the Poland vs Ecuador match, but it should still be busy what with the weather etc. On the Saturday it is of course England vs Paraguay, and I;m happy to say I will not be at the pub for that one. Instead I?ll be a Dan?s for the footy and a BBQ, which will be a lot nicer, and a lot cheaper as I?ll just buy some beers from the offy.

Next week is sure to be the death of me. I will be popping to Folkestone on Thursday night to see a band at Chambers, and then on Friday is my day of doom. It it the ultimate day of the academic calendar at Uni, and so it?s our summer ball. As you know I work for the Students? Union, and so I have been allocated the role of ?Backstage Manager?, which basically means ensuring the acts are sorted, the equipment is sorted, the schedule goes according to plan, and everyone is happy. The plus sides are that the line-up includes The Feeling, Lucie Silvas, Scott Mills, Trevor Nelson, MVP, and an array of other bands and DJs, in an evening that spans from 8pm till 6am [obviously my day will be longer with more stuff to organise]. Do you think it would be cheeky to get a few autographed albums from The Feeling?

On the Saturday I will be driving to Lewisham for Steve?s World Cup themed Birthday [where I will have to dress up as a person from a World Cup country], and then on the Sunday I will have to be back at 10:30 am for my football club?s AGM.

SO I?ll be busy, but after that, all the students will be going home, and I?ll be able to book some holiday as I?ve got 3 weeks to use before September.

Hurrah!! I guess that means I don?t have to blog for a week now!!

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7 Responses to come fill my little world, right up, right up

  1. Cuppojoe says:

    With that exhausting schedule lined up, I wouldn?t be surprised if you didn?t blog for two weeks!

    Hope you have a blast!

  2. jonny says:

    Wow the Feeling are really great. I would have thought with you being backdoor manager or whatever you?d be able to get loads of tickets for your best mates to come, or at least for the friend who?s house you?d stay at?. you bastard.

  3. adem says:

    Jonny! You?re not even here for that weekend!!!


  4. Ginny says:

    Glad your tooth is feeling better!

  5. Charby says:

    Your uni ball is soooo much better than ours!

    There?s something irresistable about picking your peeling skin, no matter how icky is it!

  6. jonny says:

    Just bought The Feeling album, its well good. I wonder what they are like live. If only i had a mate who could get me into a gig of theres quite easily. Oh well we can but dream?.

  7. Stef says:

    Sounds like the ball should be good and I?m sure you?ll have no problem managing the back door *ahem*

    It has to be said, I?d be kinda curious to know what Scott Mills is like, he has a bit of a reputation for getting sozzled on Pinot Grigio when he tours?


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