In the summer time when the weather is high, you can chase right up and touch the sky

A while back I made my list, which you can see on the right hand menubar, of the things I wanted to get done over summer.

I’ve managed to tick off a few things, and have been putting in (brackets) the amount of times I have done them since I made the list. I’m sure these figures will rise.

I’ve also started work on a good tan, which is developing nicely after only being out in the sun a few times (as always, I have been putting sunblock on).

I’m still not too sure when I’ll get the archery done (a bit lazy on my part), but I still have 3 weeks holiday to use up before September, and so I will be taking a week off in July, and 2 weeks off in August. This will hopefully give me time to do the archery, go camping, and to also get cracking on the garden, which will involve laying a new patio, laying loads of turf, a bit of brickwork for some raised flowerbeds, and plenty of other stuff that needs more than a weekend to do.

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