Papa?s got a brand new bag

I?ve just got a new toy?. and it?s completely free!!

What I?m talking about is, which I originally spotted here, but also came up in a Skype conversation with Chris and Tom. Basically it gives you access to free streaming music via the radio player, which you download once you?ve registered on the site. They have an amazing catalogue, with every song tagged by the users, and you select radio channels by typing words into the search menu, which selects a huge list of songs via their tags, and they are streamed to you without any breaks or adverts. So I could type in ?Prodigy? and I would get a songs played to me by not only Prodigy but also Chemical Brothers, Underworld, etc, and any other songs that were tagged with the same tags as Prodigy. I could also type in tags such as ?Britpop? or ?Depressing Songs?, etc, instead of just a band name.

Brilliant. The other benefit is that all the songs you listen to are added to your profile and your own personal charts, which you can add to your blog, to show people what you?ve been listening to. You can also download an Audioscrobbler plug-in which will send the name of every song you play on your computer to, which are added to your charts too.

Have a muckaround with it and see what you think.

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  1. Napfisk says:

    It?s great isn?t it? Funny, looking at your charts, it sounds very, well, English. Great choice there.


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