The end?

This is the end
Beautiful friend
This is the end
My only friend, the end

It hurts to set you free
But you?ll never follow me
The end of laughter and soft lies
The end of nights we tried to die

This is the end

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17 Responses to The end?

  1. Stef says:

    You disappear for what feels like an eternity and then come back with this enigmatic (or not so?) post.

    Surely not?


  2. adem says:

    who know?s what will happen? My heart is not in blogging for the moment and it seems right to end it [the blogging that is].

    I may return though?. even more powerful than before!

  3. Stef says:

    I dont see how not being in the mood means you should end it. Just take a break dude

  4. Stef says:

    Besides, people were asking about you today over on Swiss Toni?s today?

  5. Flash says:

    Now then young man!

    By all means, go if that is what you need.
    I?ve found blogging a struggle at times lately & I came very close to calling it a day.
    Stef is right though, you don?t have to leave just have a break & come back to it if & when you?re ready.

    Whatever you choose, good luck my friend.

  6. Lord Bargain says:

    hear hear. I have been thinking much the same thing. You can, of course, keep in touch with the pals you have made along the way by e-mail and in other ways?

  7. Cuppojoe says:



  8. Aravis says:

    I?m with Stef. Sometimes taking a blog break really helps and you come back ready to write again.

    If you do decide to go, I wish the best for you always. Don?t be a stranger!

  9. A number of people seem to be giving up the ghost at the moment, but that might well be because it?s summer, the beach is there, and, hey, who wants to be sitting in front of a computer writing a blog? And similarly there aren?t that many people around to comment either, so it sometimes feels like you?re only talking to yourself.

    But maybe come the shorter days everyone will get back into it? I hope so. Whatever you decide, I wish you all the best.

  10. spinsterwitch says:


    Someone owes me a review before tripping off into the sunset. I don?t care if you think it?s rubbish just tell us what you think. You don?t want to piss off someone with the word ?witch? in their moniker, do you?

    P.S. If you don?t want to post it on this blog send it my way and I?ll post it on mine.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Allah will not be impressed mon frere.

  12. Stef says:

    I?ve been finding things a bit of a struggle at the moment too. The weather?s nice and, as has been said, there?s less commenting going on as many of the usual suspects are away but things will change.

    Take a little break -after you?ve done spinny?s review!- and hopefully we?ll see you in a bit.

  13. Pynchon says:

    Hope not. I read.


  14. SwissToni says:

    I?ll miss you. I do hope this isn?t forever.

    ?.and like Spin says?. REVIEW!


  15. Kieran says:

    I disallow this action.

    If you don?t want to write anything or get bored with it, just post pictures of John Prescott or something. It?s still entertaining.

  16. adem says:

    Cheers for the comments guys and gals.

    Maybe I should threaten to quit everyweek, it?s certainly bump up my comments!!

  17. Stef says:

    Comment tart! ;-


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