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I found this a while back on Swens Blog and it has come in handy when I?ve been looking for songs by a certain artist, and haven?t wanted to buy them from iTunes or elsewhere. Ok, this is another ?dodgy? post, but it?s something really simple that I thought I could share with you. Google MP3 Search is actually some java script which searches through the unsecured folders and directories available of the net and finds mp3s [now updated to find wma & ogg files too] of the artist you searched for. Obviously you are not going to find their entire back catalogue on there and will normally just get a few tracks if any, but hey you can?t complain and it is good for getting a taster of a few tracks before going out and buying the music.

Basically it?s a much better way than just typing into the searchbox and hoping something useful will arise, although you will still get some void links filtered through.

The best thing about it is its simplicity, and it can be neatly tucked away by adding it to your ?favorites? or ?bookmarks? on your browser . I?ve just tried to insert the script into this post but have just found out that WordPress, and in particular PHP doesn?t really like javascript, so instead I?ll point you to the correct page on Swen?s Blog where he has the script running.

Click here for the Google MP3 Search

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  1. Adem says:

    grrrrhhh!! The links are playing up at the moment but I will endevour to get this sorted asap.

  2. Adem says:

    As mentioned, I just found out that WordPress doesn?t like PHP, although there is a way of getting around this:

    But I couldn?t be bothered to do that and instead directly linked to Swen?s blog.

  3. Stef says:

    Hey, that?s not bad?

    To be honest I usually use Limewire when I?m at home but occasionally I?ve been at work (where I can?t install that sort of program) and have wanted to find a track? Could come in handy.

    You?re a dodgy fucker aren?t you Adem? ;-)

  4. Adem says:

    I?m glad to be doing my bit for the underdog, and sticking it to the man.

    I was an avid user of bittorrent a few years back and got hold of loads of films, music, and software, but when the site I used [and was registered to] got shut down and had MPAA warnings plastered all over it, I got a bit scared and stopped immedietly.

    Now I stick to stuff which is almost 100% kosher.

  5. Stef says:

    ?almost 100% kosher? ;-)


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