Papa?s got a brand new bag

I?ve done something?.

Also I rode in the belly of the silver snake up to Londinium today and went to Bond Street for a course. After I?d finished I popped into a few shops, and arose with one question. How many handbags does someone need?? I couldn?t decide between the Louis Vitton, Jimmy Choo, and the Prada! I take it that if you need to ask the price of something then you probably can?t afford it.
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5 Responses to Papa?s got a brand new bag

  1. Stef says:

    ?How many handbags does someone need???
    My wife can answer that question for you. ALL OF THEM! ;-)

    Shiny new website, I?ve gone and commented over there too.

    For a man who was going to jack in blogging a few days ago, you now seem to have 2 blogs?

  2. SwissToni says:

    I?ve got to agree with Stef, that?s an awful lot of bloggage for someone who was planning to hang up their spurs!

    nice work.

    multiple blogs. it?s the future!


  3. adem says:

    You may have noticed that I?m not blogging as frequently here as I used to, but I don?t think it?s cheating having the other blog because it?ll be very specific and not meander too much from the subject matter.

    I?m a blogging whore!!

  4. Napfisk says:

    Goodie, another feed to read. Looks good, interested to see your take on things.

  5. Geezer says:

    One blog not good enough eh? Bit flash innit, two blogs? Well?


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