Here?s a fun one today. Photoshop is probably the greatest graphics manipulation programme of all time, and I?ve been personally using it for around 6 years and consider myself quite proficient at using it. There are so many features that even I don?t know all of them, let alone someone fairly new to Photoshop.


This is where the PhotoshopLover website can help. It is full of tutorials and various other resources and is somewhere I visit regularly when I need some creative inspiration.

[click here to see how I made this effect]

If you use photoshop then you may already know of the site, but even if you are completely new to it, the tuturials are explained [usually with accompanying screenshots] in a very user-friendly manner, enabling virtually anyone to create some truly stunning effects. Other features of the site include a friendly forum where you can get help from fellow Photoshoppers if you?re really stuck on something.

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  1. Stef says:

    I?m creatively retarded so I never really got on with anything more hardcore than cropping so I gave Photoshop a miss.

    However, you?ve gotta take your hat off to a package that got to be a verb long before google? Nice to know there are helpful websites out there should I feel the urge.


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