Where is the love?

For the past couple of years I have posted regularly and honestly on this blog, but for the past month or so I haven?t been drawn towards it or felt the need to post. In some ways it it almost like being in a relationship where the spark seems to have gone out. We?ve had a trial seperation for a month now and nothing has really changed, but I suppose that I should hold out for longer, and so I?m not going to leave ?the big blog? just yet, and instead not feel obligated to post.
I may post here from time to time, I may post a lot, I may not post at all.
It?s not very difinitive is it??
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  1. Kieran says:

    It sounds like you have a thoroughly modern relationship there. Sometimes blogs can get quite clingy and it?s good to give them a bit of space ? you should try out other blogs too, have some fun, live a little. Having one blog in your life isn?t really natural anyway, biologically speaking.

  2. Lord Bargain says:

    I know what you mean. I am going to do the same. There?s no point dumping it in case you need some casual relief, so to speak.

  3. Cuppojoe says:

    I think you?re looking at it all wrong? A blog is not like a relationship at all? It?s more like a toy. It was fun to play with at first, then you found other things to play with that kept you away, but you won?t get rid of it because you know you?ll want to play with it again.

    Comparing it to a relationship makes it sound like an emotional thing, which it?s not. It?s just a casual interest?

    You go right ahead and do whatever you want with the Big Blog? I subscribe to your feed, so I?ll know when I should pop by.

  4. Stef says:

    If you?re not feeling it, take a break. Your blog isn?t going to get bitchy and start moaning at you.

    Most have (surely) use RSS so we?ll know when you?re back. If you force yourself to post when you?re not in the mood it?ll kill if for you good and proper.

    Chill, do other stuff. Stop by our blogs now and again otherwise we?ll hunt you down and kill you but other than that? We?re easy going. ;-)

    After a week or two you?ll get motivated. I did it myself a while back and I missed the sense of community and that got me back into it, not the feeling that I *had* to blog. Suddenly I *wanted* to rejoin the group

  5. SwissToni says:

    we?ll be here when you?re ready Big man.

  6. Threelight says:

    ljtzrI have days when I don?t post anything. I don?t let it rule me. I like hapving the blog (and also people reading what I write), but there are times when I don?t post much, if anything at all.

    But as I said to my ?pal?, Wil Wheaton, a few months ago: ?It?s your blog. It?s what you want out of it, nothing else. It?s yours.?

    And if you want to take a break, why, it?s entirely up to you. But if you find any gems on Youtube, please post them!!!

  7. adem says:

    have you been to the pub threelight??

    Just noticing the typo?s!!

  8. Threelight says:

    No, I was extremely sober, but very tired.

    That ljtzr at the beginning of the comment looks susiciously like the password that I mistyped before the comment appeared, finally, on the post.

    But typo?s? That?s typical of me that is!!


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