You gotta fight

Just finished work tonight at 7:30pm and I want to party but I don?t think anyone is up to anything. The Reason I want to go out and get wrecked?? Well apart from the obvious. the reason is that Freshers Fortnight starts this weekend and I have to work, starting on Saturday night and working all the days and evenings meaning that this is my last night off for a while.

I?d better get on the phone again and find some peeps that are out!

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2 Responses to You gotta fight

  1. Stef says:

    Good luck with your mission!

    Freshers week must be really tough, all those bumpy young (but legal) girls walking about, many of them staying away from home for the first time and looking for a bit of adventure? It must be horrible ;-)

  2. adem says:

    look but don?t touch! I have done my CRB check so I guess I?m ok.


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