I can only disappoint you ?cos I always let you down

Back to work then eh?? I?s been a busy weekend and I am absolutely knackered!!

On Friday I went Ten Pin Bowling and drinking and got home around 2am. Then I had to get up at 7:15am so that I could go paintaballing wit hthe footy lads. I don?t mind getting up early but the place we went was a shambles, and although they asked us to be there for an 8:45am start, we didn?t actually get going until 11am, which meant a lot of pissing about.

That?s never the way to start a day out and will obviously not put you in the right frame of mind, but I was willing to let bygones be bygones and have fun, but the day was very poorly managed and organised and I can say that I won?t be going paintballing there again. In the end we left at 3pm as we?d only played 6 games (6x 10 minutes) in the 6 hours we were there, the marshalls were rubbish and didn?t know what was going on, and we thought we?d try and rescue what was left of the day. Their site even says that there is a maximum capacity of 75 players, so why was it that 130 people were playing on Saturday? simply put, I think they saw the signs and sacrificed quality for quantity. Do not go there.

I stayed in on Saturday night and played some Football Manager 2007 and then Dan popped round and we played Pro Evo 5 for a while. Here?s my next annoying rant? I pre-ordered FM2007 from CD-Wow, and so expected it on the doorstep on Friday when it was released, but on Friday I got an email saying they wouldn?t be posting it ?til today (monday 23rd), which annoyed me as what?s the point of pre-ordering then? I really wanted the game for the weekend and got it in HMV only paying a few quid more, and will be selling the copy I finally get from CD-Wow to another friend.

Yesterday was football in the morning, some decorating in the afternoon, a bit of chill-out and then work in the evening. It was ?Film Night? at the Uni and we were going to be watching ?Pirates of the Caribbean: Dean Man?s Chest?. Now it?s not as simple as buying a DVD and putting it on the TV, I have to rent the DVD from an official supplier who has rights with the film studios to show films in public, and do you know how much it costs to show a film?? OVER 100!!!

Why does it cost so much? Well, you know at the beginning of films they go on about showing them in public, on oil rigs etc, well obviosuly the University Bar is a public place and so to comply with licensing I can only go through Filmbank, which is a shit load of money. We are showing the films fortnightly and for the past 2 I haven?t charged, but this week I did charge 1 entry and we got 46 people in which is a good number and will subsidise the costs, but I was very pissed off when the DVD kept pausing at certain points, which is not at you expect when shelling out that sort of money. When it had done it for the umpteenth time I paused it and asked everyone if they still wanted to watch it, they said yes, and we carried on. It still did it and so I asked again, they said yes but frankly I wouldn?t want to watch a film that kept pausing and so I told them that next time the film would be free.

Why can?t some peopel do their jobs?? So a weekend of disappointments, and a very poorly written post by me. I hope you had fun.

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3 Responses to I can only disappoint you ?cos I always let you down

  1. Aravis says:

    I?m with you: I wouldn?t have wanted to keep watching either. Good of you to make the next one free!

  2. Napfisk says:

    Aw, that?s a crummy weekend €“ not that mine was any better. At least you got to do stuff.

    That film thing is really crappy. Nice gesture of you indeed, but I?d complain to these nitwits. A hundred quid for a movie? They should give you complimentary popcorn and leg massages for that.

  3. Cheezy says:

    It?s usually the way that the better the weekend, the more poorly written the post! :)


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