Let?s all meet up in the year 2000

In my last post I mentioned I was going to Balham on Saturday for my Sister?s Birthday, and on Saturday morning I saw that Stef had commented that he was going to be in Balham too!!! Coincidences eh??

One of Stef?s mates was running a night at ?Snug? next to the ?Duke of Devonshire?, and I decided that I?d pop in later that night to see if he was around. I?ve never met Stef before but I visit his blog everyday?. mostly to learn about bar snacks?. and I?ve never met a fellow blogger, but when fate pops up like that then I?d have to nip in and see him.

I got to Balham in the mid afternoon and asked my sister if she knew where it was, and lo and behold it was about 30 seconds away from her house, so everything was go, and I decided tht I?d go at about 9pm, when I thought he?d be there, as there?d be nothing worse than turning up and being a Billy-no-mates.

I had a few beers or four at the party which was in full swing, and told my sister that I?d be back in a little while, and so I slipped out and made the very short journey to ?Snug?, which used to be a restaurant but is now a trendyish bar. Luckily Stef takes A LOT of photos and shares them on Flikr so I knew who I was looking for, but as I made my way though I still couldn?t see him but as I got to the bar [typical of Stef] I kindof recognised the man standing there although it was just the back of his head, and as I swivelled around to get a portrait view it was him! HELLO!!

It was slightly odd to be meeting someone for the first time with who you know only through a blog, but it didn?t take long to get comfortable in conversation, and I?ve got to say that Stef was a good host, introducing me to most of the people there, and explaining our ?odd? situation. As an added bonus I met ?Gordy? who is a regular on Stef?s Blog, and in my second visit of the night [I'll explain later] I also met fellow blogger ?Cheezy?. As I said I met lots of his other friends [I don't remember all their names.. sorry], and I also met his wife Sherry, who is as lovely as he always says.

[Me and Stef]
I left ?Snug? at 11pm as I thought I?d better get back to the party, but I said I?d return later, and so I went back to discover that my sister had already gone to bed!!! A few too many tequilas and a session of praying to the porcelain God had rendered her unconscious and so I was definitely gonna be popping back to ?Snug? but stayed at the party till 1ish.

I stayed at ?Snug? till around 3am and when I got back the party had finished and everyone had gone home or gone to bed. I am officially the hardest person at that Party!

Sadly I didn?t get any photos of the night but Stef?s mate Dylan posted photos of the night at Dontstayin.com so have a browse.

Do I know anymore about Stef now than I did before?? People can put out whatever they want on their blogs and a lot of people hide a lot of their personality on their blogs, but I think you?ll find that Stef is exactly like he is on his blog. I was not disappointed and the only thing that was missing was Stef puffing on a big cigar!

I had a cracking night mate ? cheers.

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3 Responses to Let?s all meet up in the year 2000

  1. doppelganger says:

    Jeez?. aren?t there enough pictures of Stef pissed on the internet?

    (couldn?t you find one of Sherry?)

  2. Stef says:

    Hey, the party hadn?t finished when you came back, the owner had just locked us in! We got kicked out about 4am and then headed over to Dodge?s place to carry on until 7 (although I crashed at 5).

    Good to see you anyway!

  3. Cheezy says:

    I got home at about 7? and I?m still feeling the effects, to be honest? ooooouuch?


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