My old desk doesnt arabesque

I mentioned that I?d been having a tidy-up, and I?ve moved my Desktop PC upstairs because I didn?t really use it as much as I do my laptop. My laptop does what it says on the tin and I mostly use it whilst sitting on the sofa with it on my lap, but this isn?t the best way to work and causes me to slouch a bit.

I?ve already got a docking station for my laptop and so I?ve invested in a new desk [19.99 from Argos!]. The plan is to set up the docking station with all my USB devices pugged into it meaning I?ll do more work at the desk, although it?ll be simple to still whip the laptop out.

I did see some very nice desks in the Argos catalogue but thought better against spending 100 on one, if I really want to stick to my guns.
What a boring post eh? I?ll be posting again this evening to talk about how my day went for this?. maybe.
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3 Responses to My old desk doesnt arabesque

  1. Pynchon says:

    I?ve done an entry on the History Matters website. Not that they have published it yet, mind?

  2. adem says:

    I?m glad I put that ??maybe? in there?

  3. musicalrose123 says:

    I have shunned desk and have embraced the idea of bad posture!


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