I paid my dues

In keeping with money issues, a while back I posted about paying off my debt, and I?m happy to say that I?ve continued paying off monthly to reduce it. When I made that post on 12th October I told you I had 2,349 on my credit card, well since than I?ve managed to pay off 600 leaving me with 1,749 on it. I?ve been paying off 200 a month on the card and also putting 100 into my savings, and in theory I could?ve just paid off 300 a month but it?s nice to have a bit put aside for emergencies.

If I get within a reasonable amount of getting to zero on the card I?ll use some of my savings to get to it quicker. It?s like a game now and trying to get a better score!!

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3 Responses to I paid my dues

  1. Nils says:

    Ha, yeah, know what you mean. It?s almost like you want to ?win? this, isn?t it? Good one.

  2. Stef says:

    When ever I?ve had some debt to pay off I?ve never seen the point of saving because you?re paying interest on the outstanding amount, so?

    However, as I?ve never quite paid off all my debt that also means I?ve never saved a penny which is totally rubbish.

  3. adem says:

    Ah, but at the moment I?m not paying any interest so I might as well put some in ?real money savings?.

    When the interest-free runs out then of course I?ll either be paid up / will use my savings to pay off the rest to avoid fees / or just swap to another interest free account.


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