That?s life and I can?t deny it

For the past few days I?ve been doing my bit for charity at the Uni. It?s fallen to myself and another member of staff to try and raise money, and honestly if it wasn?t for her then nothing would happen. It?s Children in Need week and we always like to do our bit and so we thought of a few events such a cake sales, wet-sponge throwing, collections, and leg-waxing, and have been trying to get money out of everyone.

It?s not gone too bad although it would?ve been nice if more people had offered to help out, but hey that?s life. We decided to not only cellect for Children in need but were also collecting for a local children?s hospice, an epilepsy charity, and a lung-cancer charity, with the proceeds of the week being split between them.

So far we?ve raised over 200 which isn?t bad for a few lunchtimes work.

In other news I?ve been watching the repeats of This Life, which are celebrating their 10 year anniversary. Brainiacs out there will realise that it first aired in 1996, which meant I was 15, and to be honest I saw a little bit of it but it didn?t click with me. But now watching it again it?s amazing how much I can relate to it, and it is a fantatic programme to boot too.

I am the same age now as the main characters are, and seeing their lives resonates a lot with my life, the way they feel, what they?ve done, how they?ve lived. I?ve done the whole Uni thing, sharing a house thing, and generally wondering what life is about thing, and I guess it rings true with the nostalgia of not only the way I relate to them, but also the way I relate to the 90s and look back on that era.

It?s a brilliant series and although I?ve caught most of the episodes, I?ve still missed a few and so may go out and buy the boxset before the BBC airs it?s one off Christmas special of This Life, titled ?Ten Years On?.

Programmes like this show what is good about TV, as opposed to the reality TV rubbish around. Watch it!

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2 Responses to That?s life and I can?t deny it

  1. Aravis says:

    Wishing you luck with the fundraising! As for rediscovering shows, that has happened to me with tv and movies. I would be too young, not having experienced enough of life yet to really get the show. Watching it later, having gone through more, makes viewing them again more meaningful.

  2. Anonymous says:

    HEy Adam, good job on the Charity, it does make life seem worth living when you do stuff like that. Keep it up.


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