You make me completely miserable

I am depressed. It?s for no particular reason, and I know on a scale of how depressed other people can get I nowhere near that level, but I do feel rubbish today. I?ve got nothing to really feel bad about but as I am usually quite happy, when I get a little down it hits me more.

What I really feel like doing is going out and getting drunk, but that is not an option, and anyway, what good would that do? The only benefit I feel is that I?m actually writing something personal on this blog, instead of just the usual ramblings.

I am tired, and I guess that doesn?t help, and all I really want is to do nothing, to wallow, and to be alone. None of that is going to happen. I honestly can?t wait ?til the Christmas holidays when I get a few days off.

Did I mention it?s my birthday next week? 26 I?ll be. And ?No? that is not the reason I am depressed. I?ll be off to France on Saturday with some good friends, and no doubt getting drunk and ice-skating. Doesn?t time fly eh? I guess I am a little miffed at getting older, but I shouldn?t be. I?m still young although it?s weird to thing that a 1/3rd of my life has gone by (hopefully given the national life expectancy). I guyes what I hate is that there are only so many hours in a day. I do not use these hours to the best of my abilities.

I suppose the job is part of the reason although I enjoy it on the whole, it?s just some parts which annoy me, and I guess it?s those parts that I can?t control, like other people.

I should just try and change some things, and I will do that, but they always take longer to do than anticipated.

I guess that?s the end of my depressing post, and I?m sure I?ll be bright-eyed and bushy-tailed by the next post.

Au Revoir.

I also wanty to change my blogger template because it is shit. It looks good but the functonality is crap, and that annoys me. It will change soon.

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4 Responses to You make me completely miserable

  1. Feeling tired, old, depressed and wanting to get drunk? Mm, surprisingly recognizable. Oh, and I hate my blog too. Ah, I guess this too shall pass, right? Take care mate!

  2. Aravis says:

    Sorry you?re feeling low. I think you?re right to avoid drinking just now, only because alcohol is a depressant and can?t help your current situation. Save it for France when you?re sure to be feeling better. :0)

    I had similar thoughts when I turned 25. I kept thinkgin ?I can?t believe I?m a quarter of a century old!? and my friends and family all laughed at me. Now I?m over 10 years older than that and I have to tell you, things actually get better with age. Situations bother you less in general. So an early Happy Birthday to you! I hope you have a great time, and enjoy creating your new template.

  3. adem says:

    I?m feeling a bit better now.

    Cheers all.

    I?ve also given the template a spruce as you may have noticed.

  4. Cheezy says:

    They say misery loves company, so I just thought I?d register that I?m feeling pretty f*cked up at the moment too. Not only did I turn 35 last week, but I gave up smoking at the same time ? so that?s an existential-creeping-closer-to-the-grave panic combined with the physical and psychological pain of craving cigarettes. I?ve definitely felt a lot better :-/

    I like the new template by the way.


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