Here in my car

I was travelling back from Canterbury on Friday in my car, when a car coming from the opposite direction got a little too close to my car and clipped my wingmirror. Ok, nothing too bad except when you calculate that I was travelling at 30mph and they were travelling at 30mph, then that was a 60mph impact on my wingmirror which proceeded to smash it into my window and obliterate it, covering the inside of my car with glass (and me as well).
It produced a very large BANG and the glass came flying at me and I believe the words to come out of my mouth were ?fucking hell!?. I was shocked and pulled over, but the other car was gone and didn?t stop. In all honesty I think they thought it was only the wingmirror and that no damage was done? but they would be wrong. I had several cuts on my hand from the glass and had to drive the remaining 15 miles without a window which made me very cold.
Once home, I parked the car up the drive and taped a black bag over the window, and was slightly annoyed.

In the morning Autoglass came out and I payed 50 for the priviledge as an excess on my insurance, but they were very good and came out about 30 minutes after I called them!

In instances like this I always try and look on the bright side and came to the conclusion that I didn?t go out on Friday Night and only bought a crate of lager for a party on Saturday, so in effect that 50 was what I saved by not spending the usual amount on a weekend. kinda.

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7 Responses to Here in my car

  1. Ginny says:

    Good thing you weren?t seriously hurt! I can?t believe the offending vehicle didn?t even stop! Bastards.

  2. good god, I?m gad to hear you?re okay.


  3. Aravis says:

    I?m so glad you?re ok! Did you report it to the police?

  4. Anonymous says:

    I saw the pics on your photostream and assumed you?d been broken into.

    Man, that sounds 10 times worse, you?re lucky the shock didn?t make you veer off the road, I?d have been papping myself!

  5. adem says:

    The police couldn?t do anything anyway really, and it was more of an inconvenience and I did get a great adrenaline buzz from it!!

    Cheers for your concern guys, but it?s all fixed now (apart from getting a new wing-mirror as the electrics in it are mashed).

  6. Flash says:

    I should imagine that was a pretty damn scary experience.

  7. SwissToni says:



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